What if I told you a healthy lifestyle could look however you want it to?

What if I told you your life was worth celebrating?

What if I told you the struggle in your quest for health wasn't necessary?

I support women across the globe in living a life filled with passion and purpose. I do this by helping them define what a healthy lifestyle looks like to them, and then guiding them as they take the steps to make that vision a reality.

Through targeted coaching, self-awareness, and conscious action, the women I coach experience greater physical and mental strength, increased energy, and a desire to show up and put their best foot forward.

Whether you’re in the Vancouver area or in Australia, into one-on-one coaching or group-work, I’ve got something that will help you live your best life.

Holistic Life Coaching

Holistic Life Coaching is for you if you’re looking for a complete Health Transformation – greater strength, less body fat, more energy, a better mood, restful sleep, and improved relationships with others and yourself. Looking for a lasting sustainable solution that’s tailored to your life? This is the option for you.

Personal Training in Vancouver

Looking for the hands-on experience that comes from working with a Personal Trainer? I offer limited spaces for in-person training in the Vancouver area, in both one-on-on and group formats. This option is best-suited for those who are new to exercise or recovering from an injury.

Endurance Coaching

I help recreational runners and triathletes get stronger, boost their speed, and reduce their risk of getting sidelined by an injury. Whether you’re looking to complete your first sprint triathlon, nail a new PR, or finish your runs without feeling like you need a nap, my Endurance and Cross-Training programs can help you.


Ready to dig deep? Gain clarity on your greatest goals in life and re-write the stories that have stopped you from achieving them, all while nourishing your body and taking time for You in a relaxing setting. Be warned – these intensives can yield powerful results if you’re willing to do the work.