Looking to finally reach that new PR?

Tired of dealing with nagging aches and pains?

Just want to feel stronger when you run?

As a runner, you’ve probably heard you should be cross-training. You might even already BE cross-training! But are your efforts enhancing your running, or taking away from it?

When it comes to cross-training for runners, there’s a fine balance between doing just enough to strengthen all the necessary systems and promote faster recovery, and doing so much that it hinders your performance.

As one of Vancouver’s only Personal Trainers that specializes in cross-training for runners, Ariana has developed a training system that allows her runners to get stronger, gain speed, and bulletproof their bodies.

cross-training for runners
cross-training for runners

Classes are held on Saturday mornings at Denman Fitness in the West End from 10-11:00am.

For this full-body strengthening workout that will increase your power, challenge your balance, and boost your stability, all you need to bring is some water, a towel, and your awesome self.

Space is limited to ensure each participant gets the utmost attention, so contact us to reserve your spot!

$65+ tax for 6 weeks. 

Drop-In: $15+tax, space is limited.